LVS draws upon deep experience building successful marketing organizations from the ground up. We help bring clarity to your goals, create strategies for achieving them, and overcome common challenges related to implementation.

Strategic Planning & Budgeting

Define your marketing priorities and identify specific strategies and tactics that will help achieve your desired return on investment. The LVS strategic planning process uses market research and internal feedback as a foundation for identifying your goals and building an actionable plan to reach milestones.

Messaging and Brand Positioning

Clarify your value proposition and develop key messages to integrate throughout your marketing communications and business development activities.

Market Research

Reduce guesswork using focus groups, client feedback, and competitive intelligence to understand your audiences before investing time and money into your marketing efforts. An initial investment in market research provides the foundation for strategic planning, branding, targeting initiatives, and client team programs.

Marketing Technologies

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing technology systems by making these valuable firm resources an integrated part of your marketing and business development strategy. Leverage technology to create experience knowledge banks, streamline your RFP/pitch protocol, and capitalize on the value of your combined firm Rolodex.

Lead Generation

Utilize print, web, and direct mail resources to create targeted campaigns to identify new opportunities. Create tracking systems to monitor results and measure ROI.