LVS Performance Index

Moneyball and the Law

“If gross miscalculations of a person’s value could occur on a baseball field, before a live audience of 30,000 and a television audiences of millions more, what did that say about the measure of performance in other lines of work?”

-Michael Lewis, Moneyball

The LVS Performance Index: Outlook San Diego assess law firm business risks and opportunities in the context of three performance indicators:

• Business Climate
• Demand
• Competitive Landscape

The 42-page report explains LVS Performance Index framework, looks at global law firm trends impacting local markets and an overview of how these factors impact the San Diego legal market, including:

  • The economic, industry and regulatory trends impacting local businesses.
  • An overview of how local businesses make buying decisions based on the type of company.
  • A comparison of how the regions largest firms rank based on market share v. market presence in key practice areas.

Read the executive Summary

LVS Performance Index Overview with Executive Summary

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All orders received before September 30, 2012 will include a free one-hour consultation about how to use the Law Firm Performance Index to improve your firm’s bottom line.

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