Business Development

Business development is about turning marketing activities into qualified opportunities. The keystone of a successful law firm business development program is the ability to define what you want and have the discipline to go after it in a consistent, ongoing way. LVS helps law firms develop approaches for accomplishing these objectives.

Lead Generation

Turn marketing activities into business opportunities through the development of processes to evaluate, qualify and follow-up with leads.

Targeting and Strategic Account Planning

Analyze firm financial and matter data to identify internal strengths and market opportunities within specific market segments. Develop individual account plans to go after new business in a coordinated way.

Pipeline Management

Track, measure and evaluate the return on investment of your business development efforts through the use of pipeline management tools.

Business Development Training

Make business development a way of life for your attorneys  with a professional development program that incorporates regular business development training. For most lawyers, business development is a discipline that requires constant practice and ongoing education. LVS provides group training and one-on-one coaching tailored to meet your specific needs.