Client Development

Clients are a source of repeat business and your most valuable referral source. Yet all too often, the needs and expectations of existing clients are forgotten once the initial relationship is established. LVS fills this critical business gap through the creation of a client relationship management program customized around the specific needs and resources of your firm.

Client Teams

Encourage client service, collaboration, and cross selling through the creation of formal Client Teams for key clients. Identify needs, trends, and drivers of individual client purchasing decisions. Target cross-selling opportunities and improve communications.

Client Service Interviews

Build client loyalty and align your interests with your clients by seeking regular feedback. Through surveys, focus groups, and in-person client service interviews with C-level executives, you will identify risk factors, increase business opportunities, and develop internal programs that will improve the client experience.

Retention Strategies and Succession Planning

Create customized programs to strengthen and expand existing relationships with key clients. Work with senior partners managing key client relationships to identify future team leaders and develop strategies to ensure the smooth succession of the client.

Client Loyalty Programs

Implement client advisory panels, alternative fee structures, education programs, and related initiatives to demonstrate your value to clients in a consistent, ongoing manner.