Business Development

The ongoing process of evaluating your company’s product, business model, and market requires a dedication to gathering intelligence on customers and competitors and leveraging strategic relationships.

LVS has insider knowledge developed from years of experience working in and with law firms, legal vendors, and legal associations.. This 360° expertise helps you evaluate your options, build appropriate channels, and make important connections.

Market Research and Competitive Intelligence

Reduce guesswork using focus groups, client feedback and competitive intelligence to understand your audiences. An initial investment in market research provides the foundation for strategic planning, branding, targeting initiatives and related sales and marketing strategies.

Sales Channel Partner programs

Identify, recommend, and sign key channel sales organizations and individuals. Develop channel, training, and certification programs. Define channel level profiles, requirements, and quotas.

Industry Consultant Program

Develop and implement consultant educational programs so that key industry consultants will recommend your product or service.

Customer Relationship Management

Create a customer relationship management program customized to retain existing clients, identify cross-selling opportunities, and improve customer communications. Create customer advisory panels. Implement feedback programs. Develop client loyalty incentives.

Pipeline Management and CRM Systems

Leverage technology to develop or strengthen management of your sales pipeline. Review  tracking methodologies. Identify and recommend potential CRM platforms. Design and implement appropriate sales cycle workflows and management reporting. Train  users.