What Others Are Saying

“We worked with LVS to literally build our business in the Legal market. They helped us define our initial positioning and promotion strategy, established solid relationships with all the various marketing outlets and guided our advertising and event strategy to achieve a solid position of recognition and leadership within our space. And they did all this working within a tightly constrained budget and a real “start-up” mentality. We simply could not have achieved the success we have in the Legal Market without LVS’ guidance and support.”

Jeff Schlueter, VP Legal MarketsNexidia, Inc.

“When it comes to legal marketing, LVS provides versatile, insightful guidance and can take any project, no matter how impossible, and deliver.”

Timothy Gill, Vice President Sales & Business DevelopmentCatalyst Repository Systems

“With LVS’s help and guidance, our organization has been able to define our vision and to implement specific strategies to make the vision a reality. We originally hired LVS as a marketing consultant, but LVS’s assistance far exceeded our expectations, by helping us turn one of our biggest problems into a tremendous opportunity to ensure the viability of our plans for the future. I highly recommend LVS.”

Judge Julia KeletyPresident, San Diego County Public Law Library Board of Trustees

“All too often those in charge of business understand business but not the technology component required to drive business forward. Through experience, LVS walks comfortably in both worlds. They are able to take a complex business objective and transform it into a clear vision that technologists are able to successfully deliver.”

Brian Lacy, Applications ManagerHughes Hubbard

“LVS are my go to consultants for great marketing advice. They are both good at what they do while possessing a distinct social intelligence that adds a great deal to the quality of their interactions with colleagues and sensitivity to the marketplace. LVS’ connections in the legal and the PR field allow them to be a tremendous resource to all of their clients. They are skilled and hard-working, proactive strategic and creative thinkers while maintaining the agreed upon budget.”

Sasha Hefler, VP Global Strategy & CommunicationseTERA Consulting

“LVS is a strategic business partner that I would recommend to any business looking to increase visibility and ultimately close business.”

Neil Signore, Senior VP & Managing Director, Today’s General Counsel Magazine and Institute

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the principal at LVS on various projects for almost fifteen years now. I’ve had many clients in my day, but I tell you this: when it comes to strategic marketing and analytical thinking, they are as sharp as they come — an asset to the legal industry. Those skills are complimented by ethical principles, and caring personalities, so it’s always enjoyable to be around them. Better colleagues and friends, I could not ask for.”

Bob Prosser, CEOThe Ad Guys, Inc.